Bye Bye,
Busy Work

Journalists, editors and content creators of all sizes have better things to do than get bogged down with busy work. Nota’s tool suite generates multipurpose content outputs and frees up hours of sweet sweet time. Check out the tools to see for yourself.

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Make the Most of Your Toolbox.

The ever-expanding Nota suite is a powerhouse of tools built to tackle just about any content creation problem you’ve ever encountered. Manage SEO, create video, write headlines—all in seconds. Keep scrollin’ to sneak peek the process.

Power  results with POLARIS.

All our tools are powered by a proprietary, journalism-specific AI model called POLARIS, meaning all your results and outputs are supported by a model built on 11 billion parameters tied to publishing and media.

Dissect Content with Speed.

SUM runs text through uber-powerful AI and ML tools to break down all that content into workable outputs. No prompts or queries, no AI learning curves, just quick and easy text results.

Stay in Your Flow.

Access all the benefits of tools like SUM through your favorite CMS platform. You can work directly in a CMS like WordPress or Newspack, analyze your text using SUM, make edits and publish—all in situ.

Keep it Brief.  

If you’re looking for something snappy, use BRIEF to bypass the in-depth detail and score a short-form snapshot of your content that can be used for anything from social posts to article highlight lists.

Get Exact Results.

Input the text you want analyzed and then tailor the results for more, less or just different outputs with the push of a button. If you’re looking for a human touch, you can edit the outputs directly to your liking.

Make It Visual. 

We all love video—“we” being you, me, us, social media platforms and the general world as a whole. VID takes all that juicy SUM output and converts it into the precious internet currency that is video content (no editing skills required).

Use Outputs Anywhere.

If you’re wondering what’s next... Well, anything really. Use your results for social captions, article headlines, videos, SEO updates or just to impress your boss. We’re here to make you look good.

Perfect the Picture

VID keeps the creation process simple with several universal templates. Choose your size, duration and music, then tell it to apply your brand standards (or use the template design) and VID will spin up a sweet video without the help of your brand designer, copywriter, video editor or anyone else really. Which is great because they’ve all got better things to do.

Add Finishing  Touches.

Much like SUM, VID cuts out the learning curve of using AI. Don’t like the images AI generated for you? Refresh them on the spot without having to try 400 different images prompts or, worse, starting the process over entirely. Don’t like the text SUM generated after all? Quickly edit it yourself directly in the video.

Bask in the Output.

You just made a video in a matter of minutes! YOU did that. Relish the success. And then do it all over again.

Hop on the Bandwagon.

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