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Nota is partnering with the Microsoft Journalism Hub to bring AI-enabled tools to publishers of all shapes and sizes. We're cutting out pain points and building in efficiency so publishers, journalists and audience teams can focus on what matters most: creating meaningful content.

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AI that Plays Nice
with Others

Nota's tools are built by people with firsthand publishing experience. The entire suite is made to support your team (not replace them), so your journalists, editors and content creators can cut the busy work and get down to business.

Summarize Articles

SUM analyzes any type of written content and provides SEO-optimized outputs.

Generate Video

VID creates custom videos directly from written content in minutes, no editing skills required.

Find Efficiency

Nota's expanding tool suite streamlines content and works alongside your team—not instead of them.

Hit the Ground Running

Our entire suite is made to plug into your existing CMS and work alongside your team, so you can start saving time, generating views and increasing revenue right away.

More Revenue
Per Article
More Article
Hours Saved

Expect More from Your Tools

Nota’s ever-growing tool suite is no talk and all solutions. After all, you can’t fundamentally transform publishing just by chatting about it.

Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown.

There’s more to come with Nota. Be the first to know when we launch new tools and updates.


AI. Video creation. Inputs and outputs and keywords. There’s a lot of big things happening here. Take a deep breath. We’ve got answers to your most common questions.

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