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Nota is a SaaS company that builds time-saving production infrastructure for all digital publishing.

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Content Materializing Before Your Eyes

We’re using AI to build tools that don’t just optimize the publishing process, but fundamentally change the way we collectively produce and consume content.

The Dashboard

This is where it happens. The tools, the AI, the future—it’s all here. Access everything Nota has to offer straight from this page.

The Text

NotaSum analyzes articles and, using AI, quickly identifies and summarizes the most important details.

The Visuals

NotaVid utilizes all that glorious text identified by NotaSum and translates it to video. No editing skills required.

The Finished Product

This is what happens when people and AI play nicely together. Clean visuals, quick output and infinite monetization opportunities.

Expect More from Your Tools

Nota’s ever-growing tool suite is no talk and all solutions. After all, you can’t fundamentally transform publishing just by chatting about it.

Copy with Substance

AI does the work of identifying and generating relevant quotes, headlines and more, so your creative brain power can be better spent elsewhere.

Video in the Moment

Video can take forever to create, so it often misses the window of relevancy. We cut production down to size so you can stay on top of in-the-moment topics.

AI that’s Accountable

Artificial intelligence doesn’t run the show—you do. These tools are built to streamline and support your journalistic process and involve your real-person input.

Animated GIF of images created by AI

Frequently Asked Questions

AI. Video creation. Inputs and outputs and keywords. There’s a lot of big things happening here. Take a deep breath. We’ve got answers to the most common questions below.

    • What AI tools are you using?

      We’re using new advancements in AI architecture to build applications that solve the problems of modern publishing.

    • How are humans involved?

      Real people put these tools together to help make other real people’s lives easier. When you (a human) use our tools, you tell the AI what content to work with and have control over the finished product. Nothing goes until you say it does.

    • Does this work for any kind of content?

      Pretty much! It’s specifically built with publishers and journalists in mind, but if you’re looking to create videos out of a screenplay you wrote… that works too.

    • What other tools are you creating?

      There’s a lot in store. Tagging, newsletters, audio—you name it, we’re working on a tool for it.

    • Do I have to use all Nota tools together or can I pick and choose?

      All of our tools are API first but are made to work together. Contact us for à la carte options.

    • What does “Nota” mean? Is that even a word?

      Nota stands for “none of the above.” As in: Current publishing tools left us feeling a little shortchanged, so we said “none of the above” to the options out there and made our own instead. And if you’re nasty… it’s Latin for “note.”

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