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Nota is partnering with the Microsoft Journalism Hub to bring AI-enabled tools to publishers of all shapes and sizes. We’re cutting out pain points and building in efficiency so publishers, journalists and audience teams can focus on what matters most: creating meaningful content.

AI built for News and Lifestyle Publishers

Engagement increased by 21%

Saving 52% in time spent on content creation

Production volume increased
by an average of 37%

AI built for News and Lifestyle Publishers

Engagement increased by 21%
Saving 52% in time spent on content creation
Production volume increased by an average of 37%

Technology that tells a story


Overall time spent reduction


SUM is a time-saving tool for editorial, audience and marketing teams focused on optimizations—


A generative snapshot tool for producing short overviews of news articles and other long-form content.


VID is a video generator creating engagement-worthy content with zero effort in a matter of seconds.

Nota products deliver

Reduce SEO optimization
time by 52% per article
Boost your monthly
page views by 20%
Streamline social
content creation saving
hours a week


A comprehensive image generator and editor creating engagement-worthy images in a few clicks.


Less time to create a newsletter


A newsletter builder that creates and compiles headlines, images and copy from links.


Less time to create
a newsletter


Transform your articles effortlessly with our caption creator, designed to perfect your social media strategy.

What our clients are saying

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Overall reduction in time spent

Transformative Tools, Instant Impact

Our tools meet you where you are. We have dashboards, browser extensions and CMS plugins that streamline workflows and supercharge story engagement.


Decrease in Publishing Time


Boost in Social Volume


Pageview Growth

Frequently Asked Questions

Assistive AI? LLMS? It might seem complex, but we’ve simplified it. Our FAQ has clear answers to guide you through using our tools effortlessly. For more detailed information, visit our tools page.

We’re using new advancements in AI architecture to build applications that solve the problems of modern publishing. On the backend, we’re interoperable, and that is inclusive of our own vertical LLM, POLARIS.

AI is amazing, but it’s nothing without humans. All of our tools provide suggestions that are fully assistive and editable—we don’t automate anything to ‘go live’ directly. Behind the scenes, we have human editors, SEO specialists, data scientists, and marketing professionals all working to improve the tools and suggestions you see.

We believe we’re at the end of formats limiting storytelling. You should be able to take any media (article, video, podcast, blog post, social post) and generate any other. Your outreach grows exponentially. More stories connecting to more people.
We’re improving our current suite of tools based on customer feedback, and pushing out new tools for time saving, optimization, distribution and revenue on a quarterly basis. There is opportunity at every pain point in the publishing process. Have an idea? Let us know!

Simply hit the “Request a demo” button, and we’ll get in touch promptly. We’re eager to demonstrate the power of our tools and how they can benefit you. Let’s get started!

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